Saturday, February 05, 2011

Blue Afternoon at Curl Aberdeen

Tom Brewster as usual is making good ice for the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open, and here he is at work impressing a new apprentice, Adrian Meikle. Here are some more pics from the BLUE Section this afternoon.

L-R: Hector Ramsay, David Steel, John Thomson, Alan Cairns. "I've never seen a streaker at Curl Aberdeen before."

David Steel.

L-R: Andrew Dolman (aka Freddy Mercury), Andrew Hutcheon, Steven Eddie. "Are you sure we're playing yellow stones."

Look at Sandy Reid's shadow. It's of a much younger man. Spooky, or what?

Russia's Oleg Badilin.

Rosemary Arkley and Maggie Wilson.

David Jack and Roy Haites pose with Lord Provost Peter Stephen (centre) in an unofficial visit to Curl Aberdeen to see how the curling is getting on. He'll be back tomorrow to hand over the trophy.

Robert Stenhouse and Sandy Reid watch as Kenny Oswald has the head.

Kenny and Shuffle at work!

Lianne McGregor

Ian Keron 'Man in Black'.

Ode to the Ice Bucket by Tom Brewster, snr. "Big red glowerin' bucket, I luv your round tucket..... '

Photos © Skip Cottage