Monday, February 07, 2011

A final word from Aberdeen

Here's a last post before leaving Curl Aberdeen, and the inaugural Petrofac Aberdeen City Open.

This was a great competition. Well done to the organising committee (Tom Brewster, Iain Powell, Tim Stevenson and Louise Wood) for making it happen. And to all the competitors. And to the Lord Provost and City Council, and to sponsor Petrofac.

A special medal should go to Albert Middler, chief ump, who oversaw the smooth running of the event on the ice, and off it on Saturday night!

Tom Brewster is looking ahead to next year already. If you've liked what you've seen here on the blog this weekend, and perhaps fancy taking part yourself next season, why not contact Curl Aberdeen and register your interest. Now.

Here are a few more pics to bring a smile on a Monday morning.

You really need to click on this pic to make it larger size. Alan Cairns is totally unaware that he is going to be the 'Best Supporting Curler' in the most unusual pic I've taken this season!

Captions include: "Cyclops Kesley." "That's a long brush. Is it a Hammer?" "The inside (leg) view of the sport of curling." "Eye on the Hog." "He's trying to draw the port." "If he was wearing Loudmouths, then no-one would notice me."

Further suggestions welcomed!

Alan will really have to do something about that limp wrist!

As the match reaches its climax, Struan is saying to his skip, "You know Kim, I'm 'EEN' taller than you!"

"I'll just have a wee blast on my mouth organ and see if I can impress these two women." Suggestions welcomed on which tune Andrew Hutcheon might be playing, as his team lost to the Kesley side in the quarterfinals.

"You point that thing at me again, and I'll be cross!"

Rita Esson multitasking, as indeed she did so often at the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships in 2009. Actually, she's trying out a prototype of the new curling broom that is going to give GB such a big advantage in the Sochi Olympics, just as the Canadians developed a new weapon for use at Vancouver. What do you mean you don't know the story. Read it here. The technology was developed by the University of Western Ontario under Own The Podium's 'Top Secret' program. Own The Podium spent about $8 million on technological advances for Canada's athletes in the lead up to the Vancouver Olympics.

Rita is hopeful her efforts will lead to a big grant of £50 to Curl Aberdeen to develop 'sooper sweeper' technology for the next millenium.

Angus Robertson shows his team how he has been practising his 'high five'!

Now, isn't this nice. You ask the winners if they would pose out on the ice with the new trophy.

You try to be a bit creative and artistic to help out the sponsor.

Then what happens?

I'm pleased to say that no trophies, nor any ice, was damaged in this 'atishoo, atishoo' calamity!

Photos © Skip Cottage