Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bruadar: First Page Games

Let's start with the Page 3-4 game, because the loser is out, and takes no further part in the competition. David Murdoch, Warwick Smith, Glen Muirhead and Ross Hepburn were against
Logan Gray, Alasdair Guthrie, Lindsay Gray and Iain Stobo who had come through two tiebreaker games.

A steal at end 4 saw Murdoch's team take the initiative, and when they counted another single against the head in the seventh, they had the game in the bag. Team Murdoch will now meet the loser of the Page 1-2 (see below) in the semi tonight.

That's Logan Gray in front in the photo above. The linescore is here.

David Murdoch

Logan Gray

The Page 1-2

The Page 1-2 matched Tom Brewster (pic above), Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow against Sandy Reid (skip), Moray Combe (fourth), Scott Macleod and David Soutar.

This one went to the wire, the teams tied coming down the tenth, the Reid team holding the last stone. Brewster got behind the lone guard with his last, forcing Moray Combe to draw the four foot.... and he did. The linescore is here.

Team Brewster faces Murdoch in the semi tonight at 20.00.

Moray Combe

Photos © Skip Cottage