Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bruadar: Draw 2

So, you are playing in the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship and your sponsor's crest falls off. In front of a stone. Your opposition says it doesn't matter, leave the stone on. Should the umpires intervene?

Answers please, using both sides of a sheet of A4 paper.....

I remember the day when these were all sewn on, by the players (or mothers/wives/partners). And they didn't fall off! But these were the days before double sided tape had been invented.

Anyway, what else happened in the second draw of the Bruadar Men's Championship? All the results and standings can be found here.

Teams undefeated after two games are those skipped by Duncan Fernie, David Murdoch, Hammy McMillan and Sandy Reid.

Here are some more of the competitors. First up the Frazer Hare team:

Skip Frazer Hare.

Third Robbie Dick.

Second Jamie Strawhorn.

Lead Don Frame.

And at the other end of the fashion spectrum is the Logan Gray team:

Lead is Iain Stobo.

Second, Lindsay Gray.

Third Alasdair Guthrie.

And skip Logan Gray. The question you are all asking, surely, is, "Don't Loudmouth sell matching beanie hats?"

And a third team from this session is the Sandy Reid side:

David Soutar throws lead stones.

Scott Macleod is second.

Sandy Reid is skip and throws third stones.

Moray Combe throws last stones for the team.

Photos © Skip Cottage