Friday, February 04, 2011

Petrofac Aberdeen City Open

Here's Katrina awaiting the arrival of the curlers at Curl Aberdeen this morning. A full house of twenty-four teams lined up for the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open. This is a new competition in the curling calendar, and you can read about how it came about here! I enjoyed my own involvement with the Le Gruyere European Championships in Aberdeen fourteen months ago, and I've come back to the city to support this inaugural event, which is part of the Euro legacy.

As befits an 'open' competition there is a real mixture of teams on the ice - young and old(er), experienced and less so, well turned out, attractive, friendly, and some visitors from abroad. A cross section of the curling community. Fun, fellowship and good competition seem to be the agenda.

The teams are in sections of twelve, playing two Shenkels, Red and Blue. The top four in each will progress to Sunday's quarterfinals.

Here's a glimpse of the Red Section:

Chief Umpire Albert Middler, not giving a sermon!

Every skip had to draw one of Albert's balls to find out who they were playing in the first round. Paul Stevenson.

Susan Kesley warmly praises her team for a well played and judged shot.

Andy Cameron had an African theme today.

Now, I was flagged up to this pic. It's not something that happens very often. Louise Wood is curling with her brother Struan!

.... both playing for Tom Brewster.

Here's Tom checking out his own ice!

"I think it's a curling stone."

Murray and Evelyn Cran

Umpire Albert at work making a measurement.

Perhaps a sad weekend for Dillan Perras as it may be a while before he's back on the ice again.

With wife Claire and children Amber and Luke, the family are off to Peru where Dillan has a job drilling holes in the jungle. I wish them well. Claire and Dillan were in the winning team of the Scottish Mixed Championship last season. They will be missed.

Photos © Skip Cottage