Sunday, February 06, 2011

City Open Semis

Kim Brewster, Struan Wood, David Jack and Louise Wood faced Angus Robertson and his team of Mark Buchan, David Millar and Ewan Chesser in the semifinal of the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open. That's the skips above.

Here Ewan Chesser and Mark Buchan work on David Millar's stone.

David Jack and Struan Wood sweep Louise Wood's stone.

So what happened? Kim was two up in the eighth. She got her team out of trouble with her first stone, with a clearance, and lay two when Angus went to play the last stone of the game. The double was on - and had he played it the Robertson team would have had the two they needed to tie. But Angus's takeout just curled a little too much, and Team Brewster would be playing in the very first Petrofac Aberdeen Open final!

On the other side of the draw, David Steel, Alan Cairns, John Thomson and Hector Ramsay were up against Susan Kesley, Fran Stretton, Katie Wood and Jenny Barr. That's the two skips above.

Katie Wood delivers, Fran Stretton and Jenny Barr ready to sweep.

Hector Ramsay and Alan Cairns sweep John Thomson's stone.

How did the game go? Well, the teams were tied after six. Susan blanked the seventh and, as it turned out, she did not need to play her last in the eighth. The Kesley four were in the final!

Photos © Skip Cottage.