Saturday, February 05, 2011

Red Saturday at Curl Aberdeen

It's Saturday morning and the RED Section is in action in the third round of the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open.

Allan Spence and Craig Carter.

Ian Copland and Grant Hardie work hard on Jay McWilliam's stone.

The McWilliam side was up against Paul 'no mates' Stevenson!

Now, far be it for this blog to actually comment on the curling, but Jay played one of the most fantastic shots I've even seen with last stone of the game. He called, and played, a skinny angled raise takeout double cannon clearance thingy which emptied the house of yellows leaving him lying the four he needed to tie the game. Where was my video camera when I needed it?

Susan Kesley and Kim Brewster

The rest of Team Kesley. L-R: Fran Stretton, Jenny Barr, Katie Wood.

Rhiann Macleod

John Penny getting the 'worm's eye view' of his next shot.

Neil Durno and Alan Durno. "Father always knows best!"

Ethan and Cate Brewster. "Don't look now Gran, but that guy with the camera is here again!"

Photos © Skip Cottage