Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seniors Friday

The Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton, is the venue for the Scottish Seniors Championships this week. I looked in to see some of the play yesterday, and here are a few photos to give you a flavour of what's happening.

All the results and standings can be found here. The men are playing in two sections of six, with only the top two teams in each progressing to Sunday's semifinals. The women have three sections, with three teams coming from two of these, and two from the other, to form quarterfinals tonight (Saturday).

Young blogallies may not recognise Willie Jamieson, one of the best curlers of his generation. Willie has been away from the game for a while but was persuaded back this season by his team of Gordie Kennedy, David Kelly and David McGaan to skip them in the Seniors. Top of the table last night too!

And here's David checking with Lynne MacKenzie, the Royal Club's National Coaching Officer, what drugs he is, and is not, allowed to take! Lynne was on hand with her educational anti-doping display.

'Three Marions and Me'! The 'me' is Kay Gibb skip of Marion Malcolm and Marion Mathers (that's them sweeping) on Marion Murdoch's stone!

Could we be seeing a new champion team this year? Team Prentice have lost two games already.

"Wow, have you ever seen one like that before!" (Tom Pendreigh, Robin Copland, Stuart Cobb)

The Ken Horton team is one to watch this year! That's Ken in the head with Gordon Butler, Angus Storrie and Eddie Binks all sweeping.

Mary Barr. "OK, Mary, here's the money I owe you!"

Janice Manson and Jeanette Johnston.

Lynne Stevenson and Edna Nelson looking after Isobel Waddell's stone, Elma McCulloch in the head. Can Isobel do it again? The team - last season's winners - are unbeaten in four games and already in the quarterfinals.

Colin Hamilton and Ian Gillespie

Here's Colin's delivery.

Gary Macfarlane is in the hack, with Alan Guthrie ready to sweep.

Bob Kelly, Tom Pendreigh, Robin Copland.

Bob Kelly

The Henderson team with Billy, Greig and Barton were rotating their order yesterday. Here Billy is delivering, with Will Davidson-Gall ready for sweeping duties.

I look forward to being back at Hamilton on Sunday to see the Championship games.

In the meantime, for an 'alternative' view of the Seniors from the perspective of a proud club webmaster, have a read of this! Just brilliant. Everything from chaos theory to anti-chafing gel!

Photos © Skip Cottage