Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Competitors

As this is the first ever Petrofac Aberdeen City Open, we thought it would be a good idea to record those who took part. So, here are the teams, in no significant order. In each photo the players are lined up L-R, lead - skip, except where indicated. If I have got any names wrong, or if any are misspelled, please let me know. There is the odd alias!

Robin Henderson, Roy Henderson, Barton Henderson and Billy Henderson.

Oleg Badilin, Bill Gibb, Sergey Korolenko and Sergey Melnikov

Robert Rounding (skip), Sharon Rounding (lead), Jean Fettes (2nd) and Alasdair Macrae (3rd)

John Watson, Chris Inglis, Ian Grigor, Dave Robertson

Hector Ramsay, John Thomson, Alan Cairns, David Steel

Andrew Dolman, Steven Eddie, Murray McGregor, Andrew Hutcheon

Glenda Stenhouse, Angel Stone, Robert Stenhouse, Sandy Reid

Robert Bremner, Claire Sloan, Kenny Oswald, Soren Jensen

Brian Yeats, Corin Main, Iain Macadie, Jeroen van Dillewijn

David McMiken, Scott Robertson, Stuart Henderson, Neil Henderson

Ross Bartlett, Rosemary Arkley, Lianne McGregor, Alison Kinghorn

Ewan Chesser, David Millar, Mark Buchan, Angus Robertson

Laura Morris, Claire Dagen, Dionne Clark, Maggie Wilson

Tim Stevenson, Fraser Watt, Dillan Perras, Paul Stevenson

Ian Copland, Grant Hardie, Billy Morton and Jay McWilliam

Jenny Barr, Katie Wood, Fran Stretton and Susan Kesley

Louise Wood, David Jack, Struan Wood and Kim Brewster

Mike Watt, John Wilson, Alan Durno, Neil Durno

Margaret Stewart, Kenny Anderson, Ron Whyte, Roy Haites

Stuart McLachlan, Simon Gibb, Rhiann Macleod, John Penny

Evelyn Cran, Allan Spence, Craig Carter, Murray Cran

Jennifer Main, Pauline Alexander, Dave Cormack, Louis Sturgess

Scott Baird, Ian Keron, Graham Young, Alan Russell

Kirsty Harrison, Kevin Thomson, Adrian Meikle, Andy Cameron

Photos © Skip Cottage