Friday, February 04, 2011

Blue at Aberdeen

Good to see this Russian senior team at the Pertrofac Aberdeen City Open. They are competing in the BLUE section. Can you spot the odd one out. L-R: Oleg Badilin, Billgey Gibbski, Sergey Korolenko and Sergey Melnikov (skip).

Sergey Melnikov and Angus Robertson

Soren Jensen (aka Shuffle). Now, what happened next? Did -

1) His hat fall off and foul the stone?
2) Claire Sloan knock it off with her brush?
3) Soren jump up, run after the stone, join in the sweeping, and was still short?

If you picked 3), then you were correct!

Maggie Wilson

Find out about sponsor Petrofac here.

Did I mention colourful? Jean Fettes and Sharon Rounding.

Here's the rest of the team. L-R: Robert Rounding, Sharon Rounding, Jean Fettes and Alasdair Macrae. Spot the Canadians, via Houston, Texas.

Henderson, Henderson and Henderson, Curling plc.

Billy Henderson is a study in concentration!

Is this a third generation of ice techs in the making? Ethan Brewster.

Laura Morris and Dionne Clark.

Alison Kinghorn and Rosemary Arkley puzzle over their next move.

Chief Umpire Albert Middler has the unenviable task of collating all the results, and working out points, ends won, shots up and shots scored!

Photos © Skip Cottage. More tomorrow.