Sunday, February 20, 2011

Columba Cream: Women's Final Post 1

Dougie Vipond interviews the two skips, Anna Sloan and Hannah Fleming prior to the start of the Columba Cream Scottish Women's Curling Championship.

Now, everything here is set up for the final to be webcast. People have been asking me, "Where's the link! I've been asking "Where's the link?" Perhaps it's being kept a secret? If I find out I'll let you know. Meanwhile all I can suggest is that you look out for the information on the Royal Club website!

In the meantime, a great final is in prospect. Hannah Fleming, Alice Spence, Becca Kesley and Abi Brown (average age 19) are against Anna Sloan, Claire Hamilton, Vicki Adams and Rhiann Macleod (average age 20).

Follow the linescore here.

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