Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bruadar: Draw 4

Friendly club curling? Or the fourth round of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship? How did David Murdoch lost four in the first end? How did he get five back in the second? Why am I here? Skins curling anyone? Who won the game?

Some of these questions can be answered on the Royal Club web page here, which leads to all the results and standings.

The photo above shows Warwick Smith in charge of the head, with Brian Binnie and Graham Shaw behind.

Here are some more of the competing teams. First up, Team McMillan. As I write this, they are in an extra end against Duncan Fernie. Linescore is here.

Skip Hammy McMillan

Third David Smith

Second Ross Paterson

Lead Sandy Gilmour

The following photos were taken last night. Tom Brewster's team first of all.

Lead Michael Goodfellow

Second Scott Andrews

Third Greg Drummond

Skip Tom Brewster

And the David Murdoch team:

Lead Ross Hepburn

Second Glen Muirhead

Third Warwick Smith

Skip David Murdoch.

And yes, Team Murdoch did win this afternoon, David making his last draw perfectly for the game.

Photos © Skip Cottage