Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rescue at Perth

This is the face of a curler looking pleased, and embarrassed, all at the same time. It's Sandy Reid.

Sandy was warming up before a big game in the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship this afternoon, and his kipper flew off. It flew high.... and higher, eventually lodging on the ledge outside the lounge window way above his head! Much to his embarrassment.

Now the sport of curling does rank fairly high on the list of 'Top Hundred Things You Can Do with a Brush'! Here's another. Take one large curler (in this case opposition skip Duncan Fernie) and a large brush, a bit of wiggling around.....

... and a rescue of the wayward kipper was duly accomplished. Happiness is having your kipper back again (top photo).

You really can't make it up! First bats, now flying kippers. I really wonder what's next.

Photos © Skip Cottage