Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Columba Cream: Draw 2

Hannah Fleming and her team of Alice Spence, Becca Kesley and Abi Brown are the first team to feature on the blog today. That's lead Abi above.

The Fleming side was one of the four sides which had won their opening game yesterday. Today they matched up against Lauren Gray's team, also on one win. One behind coming home, Hannah was perfect with her draw for two and the game.

Eve Muirhead and Jackie Lockhart had also won their opening games. They played each other this morning. Jackie proved the stronger on this occasion thanks to an inch perfect draw to the edge of the button with last stone in the tenth. Great stuff!

All the results are here.

Becca Kesley plays second stones for Team Fleming, and takes the head when Hannah is playing.

Alice Spence, third stones.

Hannah Fleming.

I wonder when (or if) we will see the clocks recording 'thinking time' rather than playing time? The screens were purchased by the Royal Club using legacy funds from the 2005 World Championship in Paisley.

The Time Team!

Photos © Skip Cottage