Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bruadar: Tiebreaker 2

"Duncan Fernie makes traditional Japanese greeting to Logan Gray during tiebreaker third end."

Perth, Saturday
Duncan Fernie, David Edwards, Richard Woods and Colin Campbell were against Logan Gray, Alasdair Guthrie, Lindsay Gray and Iain Stobo this morning in the second round of tiebreakers at the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship at the Dewar's Rinks in Perth. Awaiting the winner is David Murdoch's side in the Page 3-4 this afternooon when Tom Brewster and Sandy Reid will contest the Page 1-2.

Fernie posted a big three in the third end and was one ahead at the fifth. Logan got the steal in the ninth to send the teams down the tenth with the score tied at 6-6. Duncan had a hit for the game - with no margin or error - but he came down just wide, and his stone rolled an inch too far leaving the second Gray counter as shot.

The linescore is here.

It will be Logan Gray v David Murdoch in the Page 3-4.

This of course is pub quiz material, "Can a measurement be made DURING an end of play in a curling game?" The rules do say that no stone shall be measured by instrument until the last stone of the end has come to rest except by the umpire when requested by a skip to decide whether or not a stone is in play. Here's umpire Gifford Rickard doing just that.

Photos © Skip Cottage