Friday, February 18, 2011

Columba Cream: Draw 7

Hannah Fleming has been the star turn of this week's Columba Cream Scottish Women's Curling Championship. Her team of Alice Spence, Becca Kesley and Abi Brown went into this morning's game undefeated. They faced the might of the GB Olympic team, and World silver medallists, in Eve Muirhead, Kelly Wood, Lorna Vevers and Annie Laird. And beat them! Seven wins from seven games. Team Fleming will meet Jackie Lockhart's side in the Page 1-2.

This was the key game of the final round draw. Could Anna Sloan beat Sarah Reid? If she could that would keep Anna, Claire Hamilton, Vicki Adams and Rhiann Macleod still with a chance of qualifying.

Great game. Tied coming down the tenth, with Sloan lying two when Sarah went to play her last. Her attempt at the double just overcurled a fraction and although the second Sloan counter was moved, it stayed in the four foot to give Anna and team their win.

Barbara McFarlane is in the hack for Team Reid, with Kerry Barr and Kay Adams.

So there would be one tiebreaker. Would there be another?

This was a big game for Gail Munro. If her team could beat Jackie Lockhart, second in the standings, then they could still be involved in tiebreakers, depending on other results.

So who won? Can you guess?

Sarah Ferguson delivers, Lyndsay Wilson and Kerry Adams-Taylor at the ready.

Sarah Macintyre is the only one who seems to see a way out of the pickle Team Lockhart is in this end. L-R: Karen Kennedy, Sarah Macintyre, Kim Brewster and Jackie Lockhart.

You can find all the linescores and standings here.

So what happens now? Reid, Sloan and Munro all had the same win-loss record. No one of these had beaten the other two. Gail's team had the best average draw shot result over six games, after discarding the worst score. So Team Munro gets the bye to later today. Sloan plays Reid (again) at 15.15 pm, the winner to play Munro for a place in the Page 3-4 game against Eve Muirhead.

Photos © Skip Cottage