Friday, December 17, 2010

A big weekend in prospect

The first weekend of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Qualifiers is at Perth. Twenty teams have to be whittled down to ten over two (make that three) weekends. You can follow the results here.

I'll be looking in at Lockerbie to see how the Juniors are getting on there in the local U21 competition. My camera is still in the bag from Champery, and it will be nice to get back to some sort of normality. Skip is now beginning the drying out process, and with any luck I'll move back in early next week to start the clear out after the loss assessor has visited. And if anyone needs a recommendation for a first class plumber in the Moffat area, get in touch. What a miracle worker - he found and fixed nine (NINE!) bursts/leaks. I never want to see a mop and bucket again!

Thanks to all who have been in touch with their good wishes.

PS Look out for the announcement on who will be the coaches for the elite squads for the next Olympic cycle. That is expected soon. The whispers suggest that one key appointment may go to someone from outside Scotland. That would be good if it turns out to be who I think it might be! Now there's a tease!