Wednesday, December 29, 2010

U17 Slam at Forfar

The U17 competition at Forfar, the last of the five events which make up the Slam with its big prizes, has the semifinals tomorrow. Bruce Mouat's team is through, although as I arrived at the rink this afternoon the team was one shot behind and looked in trouble in their second game against Karen Munro. But Bruce played two great shots for the win. The team won their third game too, and will meet Gina Aitken in the semi.

It is already certain that the Gina Aitken team has won the ladies' Slam prize, and that Gina, Vicky Wright, Katy Richardson and Rachael Halliday will be heading for Fussen, to the WCF Camp, next summer.

The Duncan Menzies team will play Stuart Marshall, skipping Jayne Stirling's entry, in the other semifinal.

Just one point separates Mouat and Menzies in the rankings. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some photos of the action on the ice.

All today's results are here.