Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Have I got news for you

Amongst things that got soaked at Skip was my home phone. I plugged in a new phone this morning and it immediately rang. It was a researcher from the television programme Have I got news for you looking for permission to use the now defunct Scottish Curler as the 'guest publication'. Unfortunately, I could not help of course, and I explained that the magazine had gone under.

Undaunted, the young man at the other end of the phone was set to contact someone at Clyde and Forth Press, the former publishers and owners of the title. So curling may still get a mention on a future programme!

I don't remember any headlines I wrote being potentially funny over the seven years I was editor! But I'm sure that we will get a laugh if the magazine is used.

It made me smile when I was waiting for the plumber to arrive. If you are interested, he's found a couple of leaks so far. I fear Christmas has been cancelled this year! Good news is that my wee curling stone collection has survived a dousing. Other items have not been so waterproof. Hopefully my main computer has escaped - I'll find that out once power is restored.

As the television is a goner, the task of resurrecting archive footage from old tapes is also on the back burner for a while. Hopefully the tape player - DVD recorder that I use has survived.