Saturday, December 04, 2010

Saturday: Scotland W v Norway

Scotland faced Norway in the second round of the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships in Champery.

The experienced Linn Githmark was skip of the Norwegians.

Here's Annie Laird, our lead.

Kelly Wood (3rd) and Lorna Vevers (2nd) watch Kristin Skaslien's shot, the coaching bench behind (L-R: Anna Sloan, Derek Brown, Gordon Muirhead).

Skip Eve Muirhead

Alternate Anna gets all the good jobs!

So what happened? The Scots took the advantage in the fifth, stealing a single after Eve played a great raise. They stole another single in the sixth and looked to be in command. But the Norwegians fought back and the game went down the tenth with the teams tied at 5-5.

Team Scotland got one hidden early but Linn played the run back with her first. Eve's last stone was perfect weight, but not hidden, and the Norwegian skip was on target for the win. Played two, won one, lost one.

Mike Haggerty has more extensive reports on the Royal Club website here.

'Full vocal range!'

'What was that you said?'

All the results from today are here.

I don't know. I've watched two Scotland games today, and we've come second in both. Perhaps I should just go away and do something different!

Photos © Skip Cottage