Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Castle Kennedy on Sunday

Yes, it IS Scotland. Last Sunday. The pond at Castle Kennedy, not far from Stranraer! Spectacular.

Thanks to Gail Munro (above) for these pics of the day. There are more on her Facebook page. Note the old curling hut in the background.

'The Stranraer variation of the no-backswing delivery'

Gail notes that the Castle Kennedy curling pond had 3.5 inches of ice when they started to get ready for some outside play on Saturday. There was further frost overnight and it was a 'fantastic day', according to Gail. Bill Scott reports that the Castle Kennedy and Leswalt clubs played a match, and comments that this is the second time this year that curling has been played in Galloway on outside ice!

These photos are © Gail Munro