Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wednesday: Scotland W v The Netherlands

Going into this game Scotland headed the standings with seven wins from eight games. They were already through to the 1-2 Page Playoff. Their opposition, Netherlands, were at the other end of the table, winless, and already relegated to the B Division for next year.

It was a one-sided encounter. The Scots were 7-0 up after two ends and the result was not in doubt. Well done to all the girls, including Anna, who got a game tonight and played very well.

In other games tonight, Mirjam Ott played a raise takeout for a three to come from behind in the tenth against Sweden. You have to imagine the excitement in an arena packed with home supporters.

So Scotland are top of the standings after all the games have been played:

Scotland 8-1
Russia 7-2
Switzerland 7-2
Sweden 6-3
Denmark 5-4
Norway 5-4
Germany 4-5
Latvia 2-7
Finland 1-8
Netherlands 0-9

Russia is ranked over Switzerland because they won the game they played in the second round. So Scotland will play Russia in the Page 1-2 tomorrow evening, the winner going directly to the final.

Finland and Netherlands are going down to B. And Latvia faces the challenge for their Worlds place from the winner of B.

Alternate Anna Sloan got the opportunity to play this game, replacing Annie Laird at lead.


This would have been a good pic to go on the recent 'Hug a Curler Day'! Well done to all the girls.

Good to see Bruce Crawford, the Royal Club's CEO, here in Champery and watching tonight's game.

This reminds me that I've never eaten so much cheese as I have this week! Umpire Christine Shaw keeping her eyes open for transgressing photographers!

Nadine and Christian Saager, the key components of the CurlIT team. They were under such a lot of pressure early in the competition and put in a huge amount of effort to sort the problems out. Hopefully those trying to access all the data on the results site (here) are having a better experience now. Here on site I am fed all the information on paper, as well as digitally. If you have time, explore the CurlIT site. The playing percentages are interesting.

Scott Henderson is now working in Switzerland and is on the ice technician team here. It was good to meet up with him again.