Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday: Scotland M v Sweden

Everything to play for in this game. The Scots had to win to have a chance of a tiebreaker. The Swedes needed to win to be sure of their place in the top four.

The teams were tied at 2-2 at the break. The Swedes took the initiative in the game with a two at the sixth, and were 5-4 ahead with the hammer coming home. The Scots weren't done, and stole a game tying single when Niklas Edin came up short in his attempt to outcount a Scottish stone at the edge of the four foot.

Into the extra then, and this time the Scots faced the Swedish skip with a classic dilemma. They lay two, front and back of the four foot. Draw, or play the run back double? Edin chose to draw, but was woefully short and the Scots had their fifth win.

So, did that get us into a tiebreaker? Sadly, no. Denmark had stuffed Switzerland in their match. Scotland's finishing place in the rankings - fifth. The loss put the Swedes right out of things too. Their record was 5-4, the same as Scotland, but their finishing ranking is sixth, because of their loss to the Scots.

Switzerland will play Norway in the Page 1-2 tonight, and Germany will face Denmark in the 3-4 game.

The Czech Republic and France, both on 3-6 records and tied for seventh place, must play a tiebreaker this afternoon to settle eighth place - the country in that position facing a challenge for the World Championship place in Regina.

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Photos © Skip Cottage