Friday, December 10, 2010

Next up: the B finals

Latvia will play Italy in the Men's B Final shortly, Ireland and Slovakia playing off for the bronze.

In the Women's B competition, the Czech Republic will play Italy, and the bronze is between Hungary and Austria.

Both teams in the B finals will get promotion to A at next year's Europeans in Moscow.
The winners also get the chance to challenge for places at the World events later this season.

I visited the B arena in Monthey yesterday. Apologies for the delay in getting these photos online. Better late than never, here are a few to give you a flavour of the Page 1-2 games.

A salute to the Irish, first of all. This is skip Robin Gray.

Third, John Jo Kenny

And front end Bill Gray and Neil Fyfe. The boys won their Page 3-4 game, but lost out to Italy in the 'semifinal'.

The Slovakian team did well to get to the B playoffs, and coach Soupy Campbell was well proud of them. There are four brothers in the team: Pavel, Frantisek, Tomas and Peter Pitonak. They had to qualify for the event from the C Division at Greenacres earlier this season.

Joel Retornaz skips the Italian men's team.

Ritvars Gulbis skipped his Latvian team straight to the final by winning the Page 1-2 yesterday.

Here are the others, Ainars, Aivars and Normunds.

Latvia v Italy

Italy's Giorgia Apollonio and Austria's Karina Toth. This was the Page 3-4. Italy won that and then the 'semifinal' against Hungary. So they will contest the final today.

Hungary's Ildiko Szekeres

Anna Kubeskova and Ildi

Pics © Skip Cottage