Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What's happening in B?

Given that it is somewhat of a major expedition to get down and back to Monthey - especially when I don't want to miss any of the Scottish games in Champery - I haven't any more photos from the B divisions as yet. However, I have been keeping track of things, thanks to the Curlit service, see here.

The men's teams are playing in two sections, the top two in each go forward to the playoffs. Italy and Slovakia have already qualified from Group 2. Top of Group 1, undefeated, are the Latvian men. That's them in the photo above, watching their women's team this morning. Jim Jamieson is in the middle. We got to know the lads well when Reform CC visited Riga last year and we became Black Balsam buddies!

The Irish men are looking good too in Group 1.

In the Women's B group, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Italy are the top four.

The B countries play semifinals to find the two finalists who will both get promotion to the A Division next year. The B Champion team then has the opportunity to challenge the eighth placed team in the A Division for a place at the World Championships. It all gets a bit complicated but I'll try and keep track of this.

Pic © Skip Cottage