Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Will you fly the flag for Scotland?

Following the news (see here) that the Royal Club is unable to find curlers willing to represent Scotland at the Four Nations, John Brown has been in touch with the official view of the English Curling Association, the organisers of the Four Nations at Fentons Rink, January 21-23.

He writes, "We are very disappointed that the RCCC has been unable to field a team but we are carrying on with the weekend. We have suggested to the RCCC that we will contact clubs in Scotland with whom we have connections and we are quite confident that we can find the eight men and six women necessary to play the competition but we will also be very happy to see any of the RCCC Board coming down as well. If necessary we shall supplement the Scottish team with Anglo-Scots."

If anybody in Scotland reading this fancies a trip to Kent in January then they should get in contact through the ECA website ( or email me (my email address is in the Contact page above). I'll pass on your email to John. I am sure that an enjoyable weekend is in prospect on, and off, the ice.