Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So what happened on the coldest night of the year?

I do wish that people would stop mentioning how cold it was last week! I have the evidence.

Braehead's CDO David Horne has been in touch with this heart-warming story of four curlers from Alma CC. He writes, "During this very cold spell it can be extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to get to your local curling rink to play a game of curling. On the coldest night of the year, with more snow predicted, eight members of Alma Curling Club managed to make it in to the Braehead Rink to play one of their inter-club games but wondered if it was worthwhile as they would be facing another difficult journey home afterwards. However, four of the curlers forgot all about the weather as they ordered drinks for everyone in the bar after scoring the 'Magic Eight' in the final end of their game. They were actually seven down at the start of the end so it was double celebrations!"

I am assured that if anyone is interested Charles will be happy to provide them with a breakdown of how the team achieved the score and will be available as an after dinner speaker for many years to come!

David adds, "Well done to Charles and the other members of the team for brightening up a very cold night at Braehead Curling Rink." I echo that sentiment. And commiserations to the anonymous team which was on the losing side.

L-R: Charles Jackson, Bill Thomson, Bobby McEwan and Bill Stephens.

Thanks to David Horne for the report and photo.