Thursday, December 02, 2010

It's cold enough!

The Highland CC's outdoor pond at Kingsmills in Inverness has seen action already. This photo has been distributed by Bob Jack and shows the pond in action last night (Wednesday). Word has gone out to all the local clubs and curlers for a bonspiel planned for Saturday and Sunday. All four sheets are playable.

There are more pics of the Kingsmills pond here from last year. I'm jealous already!

If anyone is wondering about the BIG bonspiel (aka the Grand Match), the Royal Club has issued a statement here, and the minutes of the most recent meeting of the Grand Match Committee can be downloaded from this page.

PS Well, I've made it as far as Livingstone, close to Edinburgh Airport, hoping that things will go to plan for our onward flight to Geneva tomorrow. Mind you, I've not seen so much snow since we got stuck for a week at Carrbridge in 1978 when playing in a spiel at Aviemore. Nostalgic pics are here.

Last update from David Murdoch. The teams spent six hours today in Heathrow, all flights to Geneva cancelled. They are spending another night in a hotel there, but are hopeful of getting on a flight tomorrow morning. Medals will certainly be awarded!

Thanks to Allan MacLennan for forwarding the photo of the Kingsmills pond.