Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wednesday: Scotland W v Russia

The Scots played really well this morning, and never let the Russians into the game. After six ends it was 9-1, and time to shake hands. Eve, Kelly, Lorna and Annie have now played eight, and lost only one. Their last game tonight is against the Netherlands.

Thinking that this might be a close one, between two teams right at the top of the standings, I planned to do a bit of a photo essay. Just as well I was out on the ice with my camera early! Here are a few favourites from this morning. Enjoy.

In the yellow corner, lead for Scotland, Annie Laird.

Annie is 40, and a member of the Currie and Balerno Club, who are rightly very proud of her!

In the red corner this morning, lead for Russia was Ekaterina Galkina.

Ekaterina Galkina is 22. Used to be a synchronised swimmer apparently. She's a language student and her English is better than mine.

Lorna Vevers, second for Scotland.

Lorna, 29, curls with Waterbeck CC and lives in Lockerbie.

Margarita Fomina was playing second for Russia this morning.

She's 22, another student, and figure skates.

Kelly Wood, Scotland's third.

Dun CC is Kelly's club. She's 29. Left hander.

Anna Sidorova, third for Russia.

Anna is just 19, and a student from Moscow. She lists one of her interests as 'studying'! This we like.

Eve Muirhead, skip.

Eve is still only 20! Member of Dunkeld CC. Not only a brilliant curler, she excels as a golfer and playing the bagpipes.

Here's Lucy! Liudmila Privivkova, the Russian skip.

Liudmila (aka Lucy) is 24. She's from Moscow and is a student. According to her WCF biography, she's 'interested in cars'! Reminds me of one of the best chat-up lines I never had the chance to use, "Have you got room in your handbag for the keys of my Ferrari?"

And of course, she has a big fan club based in Scotland.

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Photos © Skip Cottage