Sunday, December 05, 2010

Life in B

I'm just back from a visit to Monthey, to the arena where the B Divisions are being played this week. So I missed the Scottish women against Switzerland. The girls won that at the last stone (see Mike Haggerty's report here), so perhaps I should just stay away!

As luck would have it, it was a women's session in Monthey! (A welcoming mural in the foyer)

An ice hockey arena, the reports are that the ice has been a bit iffy, but getting better.

Certainly, it was one of the coldest rinks I've been in! I show this pic only to illustrate the blanket, lent to me by the umpires so I could have something to sit on when I went onto the ice to take some photos, as there was no carpet between sheets. Much appreciated. Bob's magic carpet worked a treat. Judge for yourself on the pics that follow.

Dor Borthwick, Chief Umpire, in action!

So, what do you do when both skips fail to count in the rings on the draw shot to decide the last stone in the first end? The umpire tosses a coin!

Anna Kubeskova and her young Czech team are unbeaten so far in their section, and were against Turkey this morning. All the results and standings can be found here. Assuming, that is, the CurlIT server is working!

The Hungarians are also undefeated, easily getting past the Spanish this morning. Hungary are in the dark strip!

Here's their skip, Ildiko Sekeres.

Ireland qualified from the C Division playoff at Greenacres earlier this season. This is Carolyn Hibberd.

Carolyn and her team were against Wales this morning, and finished second.

Here are the others in the Irish team this morning - Louise Kerr, Gillian Drury and Mel Porter.

Austria against Italy.

Lorna Rettig, skip of the English team. Not a good day at the office though, as they went down to Estonia.

Turkey also qualified from the C event at Greenacres. This is Oznur Polat who plays the fourth stones.

Team England: Ross Balfour, Suzie Law, Nicola Woodward, Kirsty Balfour and Lorna Rettig.

Team Ireland: Carolyn Hibberd, Louise Kerr, Hazel Gormley Leahy, Gillian Drury, Mel Porter and Jim Winning.

Laura Beever, Lisa Peters. Andrea Greenwood, Jane Robbins, Andrew Robbins.

Pics © Skip Cottage