Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Faces at British Curling

You will know that British Curling has received £2,288,900 from UK Sport for the period between now and the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2014. That announcement was made on December 10, see here.

I was interested to know just who would be responsible for administering this huge sum. Here is the information that I have found out and that British Curling does not want you to know, given that the AGM was held earlier this month and there has not been any official release.

Mike Gillespie - Chairman
Willie Nicoll - Director (Willie is currently Chairman of the Board of the Royal Club)
Hew Chalmers - Director (Hew was Director in the last cycle)
Chris Hildrey - Director (Chris was Chairman in the last cycle)
Dawn Watson - Finance Director
Bruce Crawford - Chief Operating Officer (Bruce is also the CEO of the Royal Club)

Two new names are David Gaffney who has an RBS partnership role (and is responsible for media relations) and Nigel Holl who was involved in the set-up and establishment of the Scottish Institute of Sport (in Mike Hay's time). He is an active curler at Stirling and is currently CEO of Scottish Athletics.

Dave Crossbee, the new Performance Director of the curling programme at the Scottish Institute, will report at board meetings.

I am sure someone will let me know if I have got anything wrong.

The British Curling website is here. Don't be looking for confirmation of what I've written above here, where it should be. There's nothing. I say again, LOUDLY, British Curling is a secret society, and that should concern us all. I hope the new directors are listening. This is our money that they are charged with looking after. Let's have some transparency, and openness.