Friday, December 03, 2010

Travels with Bob continued

I am still at Edinburgh airport. Flight has been put back now to 17.00, so that's a 5 hour 40 minute delay, and counting!

On the positive side, sitting beside me as I write this are two members of the Irish teams, Mel Porter and John Jo Kenny. They are even less happy than I am. The Irish men have their first game 08.00 (Swiss time) and the women at 12.00 tomorrow.

I've been discussing with Mel ways of recruiting young Irish women curlers to the teams of the future. So this is a call. Are there any out there who were born in Ireland, or who have an Irish parent (either north or south), or maybe even a grandparent, Irish curling needs you!

If you are on Facebook, check out the Irish Curling Association group, or go to the Irish Curling Association website here. There's a contact email address there. Mel has a Facebook presence too, if you would like to contact her directly. That's her on the left at the Stirling Summer Skins earlier this year.

Me, I may yet be seeing some of the junior curling at Ayr if things get any worse!