Sunday, December 05, 2010

Getting the word out

A number of blogallies have emailed me to say that they have been having problems accessing the results service being provided this year by CurlIT (here). I've known Christian and Nadine Saager for a long time, and I can see how hard they have been working to try to solve the problems today. It appears not to be their server, or even in Champery, but somewhere on the line out. Techies are working on it.

Nadine has asked me to pass on her apologies to all who have had a frustrating time trying to follow the results online.

Just to add to woes, the stadium is partly in darkness as I'm writing this, with one round of games still to go tonight.

Now to the photo below. Mike Haggerty always makes a point of speaking to the Scottish skips after their games. Not an easy task for both reporter and player, especially when things are not going well. Here he is at work after the Scotland v Russia game! You will usually find the quotes in his reports on the Royal Club website.

Photo © Skip Cottage