Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday: Scotland M v Russia

We have a win on the board! But it was a close run thing.

The pic above was the fifth end. The Scots had a bit of a guddle going. But they could not make two, and the score was 3-2 in favour of the Russians at the halfway stage.

Hammy and team were still one down in the ninth, and trying to steal, but game up a single to go into the tenth down two. With a guard barely covering the twelve foot on the wing, David Smith half hid behind it. The, only then, did they get the miss from the Russian skip. Hammy split the house, Andrey Drozdov failed to make the double, Hammy drew for two, and the Scots were into an extra end and fighting hard!

When Hammy came to play his last, he had one on the back twelve foot. He put his last touching the eight in the front of the house, Sandy Gilmour and Ross Paterson making sure of it. Drozdov had no hesitation in deciding to play the draw. He had the win if only he could be fully in the eight foot. He played too heavy, didn't give his sweepers a chance, and will no doubt have nightmares about that shot in the future!

A win then for Scotland. Hard fought. Sweden and Norway both lost games in this session. Nothing is easy out there.

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Pic © Skip Cottage