Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday: Scotland M v Switzerland

Up against the host nation, this was never going to be an easy game for the Scots. For six ends there was nothing between the teams. Then in the seventh, the Scots somewhat unfortunate with the run of stones, Christof Schwaller made a takeout for three.

Hammy and his team fought on, took two back at the next end, and looked in good position to steal another at the ninth. To much clanging of Swiss bells, Schwaller drew right to the face of the Scots counter on the button. Try as they might, the Scots could not get set up for a tying two at the tenth, and it was to be a second-place finish to the game. Played five, won two, lost three.

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Here are the standings after Session 5:
Denmark 4-1
Germany 4-1
Norway 4-1
Switzerland 4-1
Sweden 4-1
Scotland 2-3
France 1-4
Netherlands 1-4
Russia 1-4
Czech Republic 0-5

Top photo - Sandy Gilmour and Ross Paterson sweep with encouragement from their skip Hammy McMillan. And 'Fans in the Stands'. Photos © Skip Cottage