Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesday: Scotland W v Sweden

Scotland faced Sweden in their seventh game of the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships. The team got their noses in front in the fourth, when their opposition skip caught the guard when hitting for a two. That steal put them 3-1 up, though they could easily have been down 2-3.

Going down the tenth, the Scots led 6-5 with the hammer. They were unable to keep the front clean, and there was a long guard, on two Swedish stones in the four foot. Eve had to ignore the guard with her first, and delicately came around to remove one of the Swedish stones to lie shot. Viktorsson tried to play the flop off that on to the button behind the guard, but her stone drew too much and she slipped though. Scotland six wins, one loss. Great stuff.

Stina Viktorsson skipped the Swedish team.

The two skips.

Kelly Wood (Nearly the Photo of the Day)

Kelly in charge.

Happy skip and third.

'Don't you squint at me like that!' Lorna and Annie.

Skip Eve Muirhead.

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