Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Curling on the Zuider Zee

It is good to see Jim Hogg obeying the 'Keep Curling Colourful' mantra, even on outside ice! Well done, Jim! Skip Cottage is proud of you.

Jim sends these photos of Holywood CC's bonspiel on Boxing Day, on the Zuider Zee, which I always thought was in the Netherlands but apparently is just north of Dumfries.

I'm not familiar with this venue at all, but it does look great!

The word from Jim was, "An excellent day was had by all, the ice was interesting, but very playable, although the main difference was in the performance of different stones. Special thanks to Robert Hastings who set it all up."

I need names for these two skips. (Now supplied. They are Alex Bryden and Tom Ross.)

And sweeping too!

Photos are by Jane Hogg whose copyright they remain.