Monday, December 06, 2010

LSD at Champery

No, I don't mean that LSD. I'm talking about the Last Stone Draw!

Before every match the teams have a short practice session. Here Derek Brown and Gordon Muirhead are on the ice with Eve Muirhead, giving the brush as the team members get the feel of things.

Alternate Anna Sloan is also involved.

Eve then has to play the 'Last Stone Draw'. If she is nearer the button than their opposition, after their practice session, Scotland will get last stone advantage in the first end. Lorna and Annie work hard on Eve's draw.

This is how it finished. Was it good enough? It was better than their Finnish opposition. As it turned out, the Scots did not use their last stone at the first but picked up two at the second. By the sixth they were 7-3 in front and the result was not in doubt.

Eve, Kelly, Lorna and Annie have played six and won five.

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Standings after Session 6:
Russia 5-1
Scotland 5-1
Sweden 5-1
Norway 4-2
Switzerland 4-2
Denmark 3-3
Germany 2-4
Finland 1-5
Latvia 1-5
Netherlands 0-6

Photos © Skip Cottage