Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesday: Scotland M v Netherlands

My walk to 'work'! It rained a lot yesterday, and that got rid of much of the snow in the village.

The arena is not a quiet place to be, with lots of schoolkids in, cheering for the home side. Hop Suisse! Hop Suisse! Clang, clang!

Team Scotland was against Rob Vilain's Netherlands side this morning. Hammy's last stone draw behind the guard in the fifth was good enough to force an error from the Dutch skip, just too heavy with his come-to. That steal put Scotland 2-0 ahead.

It was tense out there. The Scots were certainly up for it. They stole again in the sixth and were ahead 4-2 going down the ninth. They played a good ninth end and when Vilain was just too heavy with his last stone, a stolen two shots went on the board for Scotland, 6-2 the score. After a little discussion, the Netherlands team offered the handshakes.

I'm going to nominate David Smith as 'Scottish Curler of the Day'. According to the media information sheets, he's the oldest on the ice, at 47. Mind you, Hammy is only a day younger!

Positive youths by comparison - Ross Paterson and Sandy Gilmour.

Everyone in on this draw around!

Third player for the Netherlands, Brian Doucet, is in charge of the head in this shot.

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Photos © Skip Cottage