Thursday, December 30, 2010

Win for Mouat at Forfar

I witnessed one of the best pressure shots I've ever seen from a junior curler today. Up 2-1 in the eighth end of the final at the Forfar U17, Bruce Mouat faced three with last stone to come. Drawing the button, through the port, would see him, Derrick Sloan, Rowena Kerr and Elspeth Lean headed for Fussen this summer.

He made it! Well judged by Rowena in the house, and swept by Elspeth and Derrick, Bruce's last stone covered the pin. Magic stuff.

Disappointment this time for Duncan Menzies, Stuart Taylor, Robert Fawns and Angus Dowell.

(It may be tomorrow before I get some action pics from the final online)

L-R: Elspeth Lean, Rowena Kerr, Derrick Sloan and Bruce Mouat. Photo © Skip Cottage