Monday, December 27, 2010

Curling on Loch Leven

This is the other of the two Grand Match locations - Loch Leven - on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful photo!

Blair Melville, the Secretary of Kinross CC, sent me this report and the links to the photos. He writes, "A few Kinross members and others cleared two sheets on Friday and played under sparkling blue skies. Some of the photos were submitted to STV and Sky News websites, following which Sky News arranged to send a TV crew along on Boxing Day to shoot some scenes and do a live interview with two of our members who had organised things, Jamie Montgomery and Ally Simms. They were slightly disconcerted on being told moments before going live that Sky News goes out worldwide! However, I’m sure they did a great job of promoting Scottish curling."

On Boxing Day there were three sheets in operation with more than fifty people playing, watching and generally enjoying a rare chance to curl on the Loch.

Now there's a sight you don't see every day! Anyone recognise who it is?

This shows how good the ice was, with opportunities for the sweepers to get involved!

Thanks to Blair for sending this. The top photo is from the Green Hotel's Facebook page (more pics here) and the others from Ann Melville's FB album (more here).