Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve on the Kirk Loch

The Kirk Loch, Lochmaben, has a long association with outdoor curling. Indeed, the hut is the background was once the curling hut for the Coronation Rinks, an artificial tarmac pond in the area where the cars are parked. There is a plaque on the building which says Coronation Curling Rinks. Presented by Mrs Douglas of Newtonairds, 1911.

However, on the Loch itself ...

Gareth Drummond lays one down (!) this afternoon, watched carefully by Billy Nairn and James Taylor.

A better one!

Dougie Nairn gives the ice.

Gareth and I played a few ends of pairs against Billy/Dougie and James (above). With no help at all from me, Gareth and I avoided being grannied!

I was so far off the brush that they had to send Sam out to find my stone!

Here are today's stalwarts. L-R: Dougie Nairn, Billy Nairn, Gareth Drummond, James Taylor and Katherine MacPherson. Katherine had never played before but was soon planting her stones in the house with regularity!

Great company made it a Christmas Eve to remember.

Indeed, anyone who came by was being encouraged to have a go. This is young Callum Higgins being coached by Billy and his dad!

Sai is from Fiji and is hoping to be a Royal Marine. Let's just say he had no difficulty in getting the stones up! Actually, there cannot be many Fijian curlers - bit of a 'Cool Runnings' moment today, perhaps.

It was quite noticeable how the temperature dropped as the sun went down.

The ice was great, although one had to navigate the bumps. (For the expert, this explains why the hack is not lined up directly behind the tee)

On the button. Definitely NOT one of mine. Billy is certainly an outside expert.

With conditions holding, it won't be the last time that the local enthusiasts will be out on the Kirk Loch this winter.

Great fun. Merry Christmas everyone!