Friday, December 31, 2010

Forfar roundup

Bruce Mouat encourages his team in the final of the U17 competition at Forfar yesterday.

Angus Dowell and Stuart Taylor work on Robert Fawns' stone.

Rowena Kerr played second stones, and took the head for her skip's shots, in the Mouat team.

Lead Elspeth Lean and third Derrick Sloan.

Angus Dowell, Robert Fawns and Duncan Menzies.

I can confirm that Robbie here went to a good home up in Aberdeen!

Hayley Smith drew the raffle, and since Skip Cottage won a prize, this is to say thank you! Hayley's a photography student in Aberdeen, so I've tried to be artistic with this pic. I'm sure Rolf Harris would have done better.

Here are a couple more from the 3-4 playoff.

This is what happens to your tongue if you eat a lot of licorice!

L-R: Gina Aitken, Fiona Telfer, Vicky Wright

Gina Aitken. Gina, Vicky Wright, Katy Richardson and Rachael Halliday won the Slam Ladies' Prize. The team is pictured here.

Last but not least, here are the winners of the Low Road. L-R: Fraser Thomson, James Hay, James Baird and Grant Barr.

All the results from Forfar and the other Slam events can be found from this page on the Royal Club website.

Photos © Skip Cottage