Friday, January 29, 2010

Bruadar men fifth round

Philip Wilson and Hammy McMillan look at options in their sixth round game of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship tonight. The McMillan team were up against Graeme Black's side. It was 2-2 after six ends, then McMillan counted two. Black was kept to a single in the eighth. The game went to an extra end, but McMillan didn't need to play his last stone. Team McMillan = five wins.

All the results, linescores and standings are here.

David Murdoch's team beat Sandy Reid this evening, and is on five wins from six games, the same as McMillan.

David Smith beat Pete Loudon, a three at the eighth being the key here. Smith's team move to five wins, the same as Murdoch and McMillan.

Scott Hamilton beat Neil Joss 7-5. Team Hamilton is on three wins.

Brewster versus Muirhead was tight, 6-6 after eight. Glen kept the last stone into the tenth and had an open hit for the game. Team Muirhead is now on five wins from six games, the same as McMillan, Murdoch and Smith.

Three rounds to go! Top four teams qualify. Lots yet to be decided.

Pic by Bob