Friday, January 15, 2010

Glynhill Friday 4

Section C, second game. Cissi Ostlund (above) finished tied 7-7 with Claire Milne's team after eight. Her last stone of the extra was short when trying to hide, and Claire had no need to throw her last. The Scots are now on two wins from two games.

Liudmila Privivkova's team beat Hannah Fleming, and Bingyu Wang beat Karina Toth in the other Section C games. The Chinese are also on two wins from two games.

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Now for Section D:

After missing this morning's game because of an exam, Anna Sloan was back in charge of her team for their second game of the day in Section C.

But Debbie McCormick's US team beat the Scottish juniors 6-4 this afternoon.

Daria Kozlova's Russians were beaten by Karina Toth's Austrians.

Here's Alison Mather and Kerry Adams ready to sweep Gail Munro's stone in their match against Silvana Tirinzoni Swiss.

Silvana Tirinzoni's side was too strong for the McMillan four on the day.

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