Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's women

It's a tenth end timeout at Perth, in the Columba Cream Scottish Ladies Curling Championship. Coach Debbie Knox is with Hannah Fleming and her team.

This is Becca Kesley, third in the Hannah Fleming side, flanked here by Abi Brown and Alice Spence. Hannah was always ahead against Anna Sloan in their match this afternoon. Anna had the chance to tie the game in the ninth, but her takeout rolled too far and she only got a single to trail by a shot in the tenth end. Anna worked to get a shot on the tee, well guarded. The Fleming team cleared it all.

With seconds remaining on the clock, Anna swung her last stone round the guards to the tee. Hannah was just too heavy in trying to follow. Extra end! This time Hannah and co couldn't keep it clear. Then disaster. In attempting the clearance a Sloan stone was jammed onto a Fleming counter in the four foot. Hannah had a difficult come around tap back for the win and was just a fraction wide.

After that battle, Team Sloan moves to seven wins, in third place in the rankings, with three more rounds still to play.

All the results of the eleventh games in the double round robin Columba Cream Ladies Scottish Championship, and the standings, can be found here.

Kay Adams finished ahead of Claire Milne. The Adams team is on six wins now, with Milne on five.

Gail Munro fell to Sarah Reid this afternoon. Here Kerry Adams delivers with Lyndsay Wilson and Alison Mather ready to sweep. Team Munro is now on eight wins, with Reid on five.

Eve Muirhead's team beat Lauren Gray and are now alone on top of the table with nine wins from eleven games.

Pics by Bob