Saturday, January 09, 2010

On Castle Semple Loch

I learned to windsurf on Castle Semple Loch in the 1980s. Great fun. I've not been back since, until today. I walked on water out to where this group were enjoying themselves!

They were members of the Erskine Curling Club. "Let's just get together for a group photo," I shouted. The second after I took this pic, the ice gave a 'boom' of complaint. I've never seen curlers move so quickly! No danger really, the ice is very very thick. But seriously, it just shows - if you are curling outside, don't form a big group, and be sensible. I will be in the future, that's for sure!

We all survived the experience. There were two sheets marked out, end to end. It had not been an easy job to clear the ice of the overlying snow, but the ice underneath was not in bad condition at all!

Bit of class here from the Erskine curlers. The kitchen was well in action and serving a mean chili roll!

There was a lot on interest in the proceedings!

Good fun was being had by all!

The use of the colours to mark out the circles too, showed a bit of class.

I'm fascinated by the stones, where they come from, the state they are in, the quality of the handles. Rarely do I get a chance to see so many outside stones, and I've been in my element this week identifying them (see here, for some background). In this pic there are a couple of pairs to die for - the ones with the orange ribbons. Blue hones, one set with a pinkish tinge, with perfect handles. Jealous? Moi?

Thanks to Erkine CC for making me welcome and allowing me to play a stone to check out the ice. As luck would have it I put my first effort right on the tee - so I retired there and then with head held high. I'll not play a better (luckier?) stone this season!

Pics by Bob