Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday afternoon men at Perth

It's the fifth round of games in the Bruadar Scottish Men's Championship. Peter Loudon was against Hammy McMillan. One up coming home in the tenth, Loudon was facing two McMillan stones and had to cut the four foot fully to win. But his draw picked up in spectacular fashion, McMillan stole two, and the game.

The results, linescores and standings are here.

By the way, the connectivity problems that caused teething problems with the new timeclocks seem to have been ironed out. I should have mentioned before that the purchase of this equipment was made possible thanks to legacy funding from the World Ladies Championship at Paisley in 2005.

Tom Brewster v David Murdoch was a rematch of last season's final. Great game too. Murdoch one ahead in the tenth, and facing two when he went down to play the last stone of the game. A delicate tap back was called for, and played perfectly. Another win to Murdoch.

In the absence of his skip Glen Muirhead because of a university exam this morning, Greg Drummond skipped the first few ends of their game against bottom of the table Neil Joss.

John Dunn substituted, playing third stones. Glen was able to get in to the game after five ends, but had to play third of course. It was a close one, Joss drawing the button with last stone of the game. There are now no undefeated teams.

Sandy Reid beat Graeme Black.

Warwick Smith v Scott Hamilton. David Smith calls the game and Warwick plays last stones. This one went to an extra end. Scott couldn't get hidden with his last stone, and Warwick didn't need to throw the hammer.

So after five of the nine games played, Glen Muirhead has four wins, as has Hammy McMillan, David Murdoch and Warwick Smith. Tom Brewster, Scott Hamilton, Peter Loudon and Sandy Reid all have two wins. Neil Joss has one point, and Graeme Black's team have still to post their first win.

Pics by Bob