Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bruadar men fourth round

This was the significant game to watch tonight. Could Glen Muirhead (back right with Greg Drummond) keep his undefeated record by beating Scott Hamilton's side? That's Scott calling the line in front.

In the sixth end, with Muirhead 4-2 in front, Glen went for a skinny double takeout, and slipped between the two Hamilton stones. Scott drew for three and it was game on again. But in the eighth, Muirhead with Greg Drummond, Thomas Sloan and Michael Goodfellow, posted a big four to go 8-5 in front and, despite giving up two in the ninth, ran out the winners.

All the linescores and standings are here.

In the other games tonight, Warwick Smith beat Graeme Black 10-3 in seven ends.

Pete Loudon and David Murdoch battled it out for nine ends, until Pete missed completely when trying to remove two of three Murdoch stones in the house. He gave up four, and shook hands.

Tom Brewster beat Neil Joss in a low scoring game and Hammy McMillan carved out a win against Sandy Reid.

So, after four rounds, Glen Muirhead is on four wins, and is still undefeated. Hammy McMillan, David Murdoch and Warwick Smith are all on three wins. And tomorrow is Friday!