Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last thought on the Grand Match

Nine Dumfries curlers went up to the Lake of Menteith yesterday and met opponents from the Airleywight club, maintaining the North-South tradition. Thanks to Mark Stoddart for this pic of the conditions. It's not every day when you see stones coming down the ice with bow waves! Mark says, "Tremendous fun despite the conditions and we were all glad to have made the journey."

Do you remember this post, when George Wills was encouraging us to 'do something'! Well, I wrote to David Mundell who is my MP. He has replied, and says, "I do share your thoughts on the Health and Safety culture which is suffocating us. A Conservative Government will give priority to restoring personal responsibility as a cornerstone of our society which I believe is the best way to counteract the worst excesses of the nanny state."

It's a while since I've heard a politician say something that I support so wholeheartedly!